Why it Makes Sense to Screen New Employees

Hiring people isn’t as straightforward as some might think, and bringing a new face into the team requires that the candidate fits in well with the working environment and has the right attitude. Unfortunately, there are those who are far from ethical in their approach to life, and anyone with a negative employment history might be tempted to alter that, which is one of the reasons why it makes sense to have the person screened.

The Disclosure and Barring Service

This is a department of the Home Office that encourages the private and public sectors to make informed personnel decisions by screening the job applicants that have been selected from the recruitment process. There are online companies that specialise in this service and can perform a DBS check on your behalf. This service was the result of a merger between the Criminal Records Bureau and the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) and there are specific job descriptions, whereby the employer must carry out DBS checking prior to the hiring of the applicant. Typically, the list of professions includes working with children and those with disability, and then there is the elderly, and with a few other fields included, this ensures that certain people are not allowed to work in specific industries.

Employment History

If we are to be absolutely honest, there are all types of people, and some do not have the best employment record, and in order to paint a nicer picture, certain things about their past could easily be covered up and replaced with some fictitious account of a previous employment. A DBS check would involve verifying the applicant’s previous employment, and might also include the verification of any professional qualifications.

The Right to Work

If your business is UK based, you will already be familiar with the strict immigration and labour laws, and many illegal immigrants seek employment, and some of them can be very clever at hiding the fact that they are illegal immigrants in the country. The penalties for employing such a person are very severe, and for this reason, it is sometimes a good idea to check whether the job applicant can legally work in the United Kingdom.


Many organisations regularly use volunteers, and this usually involves working with children, the elderly, or the disabled. Of course, the majority of volunteer workers are people of sound moral values, and are doing the work because they wish to help, yet some people have a hidden agenda, and to ensure the safety of everyone concerned, an enhanced DBS check can be carried out. This would involve a criminal background check to discover if the applicant has been convicted of any crime.

A Big Investment

Sometimes hiring a key person demands some character verification, and hiring them means investing a lot of time and money in training, and in such a case, it is prudent to carry out these checks prior to agreeing employment terms with the candidate.

The entire process is carried out online, which makes it both easy and convenient, and the screening company would handle the entire process and within a short time, you would receive your DBS certificate.