What You Need to Know about Compressed Air Dryers

Compressed air is commonly used in a wide variety of different applications, ranging from industrial to commercial use. Compressed air can be stored in a tank and used for powering a range of different things. It’s commonly used in industrial applications for powering different kinds of machines. In many businesses, compressed air is often used for drying purposes. However, you can’t find commercial air dryers at your local shop. In many cases, they are designed and made by private companies for use in specific applications. Here are a few important facts you should know about commercial air drying equipment.

They Are Tested Thoroughly

Because compressed air dryers are generally tailored for use in specific applications, they are also quite expensive. Most of these are “made to order” and are thoroughly tested beforehand to ensure that they can withstand the rigorous conditions in the industrial environment. Sophisticated hydrogen and helium leak detectors are used to figure out whether the air dryer is working at optimal levels or not. In case there’s a leakage within the air dryer, it will obviously stop working optimally and will need to be repaired, which could cause delays in your industrial processes. After leakage testing is completed, the air dryer is also checked for design conformity and to ensure that it meets the operational standards as specified by the company.

Environmental Responsibility

Most of the commercial air dryers that are made for use in industrial environments are generally designed to comply with environmental responsibilities. ISO 14001 is implemented to ensure that environmental sensibility is kept in mind. Companies have to comply with environmental protection as well as make sure that all of the air dryers are safe and secure for use in the workspace. That’s why the Occupational Health and Safety Management System is implemented, to ensure that the company fulfils its responsibility towards its employees. Even the microprocessor is programmed to maximise the consumption of energy within the air dryer.


Modern air dryers offer a range of different advantages over other variants available in the market. For instance, they have a low pressure drop option and are equipped with a high technology, extremely compact, aluminium heat exchanger. This ensures good performance with minimal hassle. Since most of the products used in the manufacture process are readily available and due to the simplistic design, it’s easy to see why companies don’t have to spend a lot of money on maintenance.

Most air dryers are also quite easy to manage. They come with a refined operating system and a control panel that has basic display options. You can check the Dewpoint, display the operating mode, select drain management or alarm management, and tweak the configurations on the dryer according to your preferences. If you need to purchase a new air dryer to use in your company, you can view the product brochure on the company’s website and decide which one is most suitable to your needs before placing the order.