What Type of Linen Service Do You Need?

Linen hire services are a boon to businesses, especially when they implement environmental policies and cost-cutting measures themselves. You can choose linen laundering for your hotel property, restaurant, or commercial or institutional kitchen. When using the service in any of these areas, you will realise an increase in your bottom line.

In order to make sure that you are choosing the right company, look at the company’s reputation in the industry. One of the firm’s primary focuses should be on communication. Therefore, the company should be easily accessible by e-mail or phone. The company’s website should also be designed so that you can contact the firm online if desired.

Does the Company Provide Checks in Quality Control?

Work with a company that emphasises checks in quality control and provides a first-class service. Each of the factory operatives and drivers should be carefully vetted and trained to offer the best in assistance. The company should be a leader in its field.

Also, check out the policy of the company with respect to agreements. A firm with a no-contract policy is unique but worth contacting. When you are not tied into a long-term contract, you can be better assured of an excellent standard of service. In addition, make sure that the company will not assess any residual charges or extra costs for their services. Work with a company that offers free exchanges. For instance, if you need to redecorate and require differently coloured sheets, towels, or table linens, you should be able to make a switch without incurring a charge.

Who to Contact for Kitchen Linen Hire Services

When it comes to kitchen linens, you can contact Johnsons Stalbridge Linen Services, for example, about this type of linen hire. The company also specialises in linen hire for hotels and restaurants. Kitchen linen is typically offered in the form of chef’s jackets, trousers, and aprons.

If you want to set up the service, the wait time is no longer than two weeks. Also, you only need to provide a month’s notice if you should wish to close your account. No additional costs are assessed if you wish to modify sizes or end your business relationship.

Table Linen Hire

If you are interested in table linen hire, you can select from a wide range of table linen and serviettes. Table linens and serviettes come in such colours as white, black, red, burgundy, dark blue, gold, dark green, biscuit, and buttermilk.

Premium table linen is made from 100% luxurious cotton and features mitred corners and deep hems. Bedding and towels can also be hired, each of which meet the requirements of a variety of hotel properties. Elite bedroom linens add luxury to guest rooms as they are manufactured with 100% Egyptian cotton.

Hotel Linens

You can choose from pillow cases and sheets that are plain or satin-striped too. Elite towels are available in such styles as face cloths, hand towels, bath sheets, bath towels, and bath mats.

Initiating Service

When you acquire linen services, you will need to sign documentation from your chosen supplier. After a staff member from the company confirms your service needs, an initial delivery of inventory takes place. At this point, your account is handled by the company’s customer service department and an area service manager. All collections are supported by a laundry ticket completed in full. Normally, you will be sent an invoice after the first month of service.