What is Sewer Adoption and How Does it Work?

If you live in the UK, you will already be aware of how the water authorities operate. There is a water company for each region of the British Isles, such as East Anglia, for example, where Anglia Water are the concessionaire, and this company is responsible for the water supply and drainage for the region. In the event a new building is constructed, the drainage system would need to be connected to the mains sewers, and this process is called sewer adoption.

Entering into a Contract

Basically, when a water company agrees to adopt a sewer into their network, they then become responsible for its upkeep, and because of that, they need to be absolutely sure that it is suitable. In order to have this happen, the customer first has to submit an application to the relevant water company, which will be considered in due course. Protocols must be followed, and like most things, there is a lot of paperwork, and most people who are looking for sewer adoption services, will outsource the project to an established contractor.

Outsource Sewer Adoption

For most customers, this is the preferred solution, and the company that designs and builds the sewer would also handle the adoption process. There are added advantages, as this contractor would have a close working relationship with the water company, making the application process a smooth one. If, for example, you needed sewer creation and adoption services in the East Anglia region, there is an excellent provider who has many years of hands-on experience across a range of commercial and industrial platforms, and the same company can also deal with the adoption process.

Sewer Design

When a new development is in the initial design stages, the sewer system would be designed around the building, which means you need to bring in the contractor at the very early stages, and they would then work with the other services to ensure a smooth completion, which would culminate in the water company adopting the sewer. The design stage is critical, and every factor needs to be considered, and by hiring the right provider, you can be sure of a cost-effective solution that meets with the approval of the local water provider, who will ultimately take the sewer under its wing.

The Adoption Process

It is possible for an individual to apply to have a sewer adopted, but in all honesty, the company that designed and built the sewer are ideally qualified to handle the adoption process, as they are fully aware of the required standards. There would be a thorough inspection once the application is received, and with an experienced contractor in your corner, the adoption process would be a mere formality, whereas applying yourself might take a lot longer.

There are some things that are best left to the experts, and sewer adoption is one of them. The experts can design, build, and install the perfect sewer for your development, and the adoption would be completed without a hitch.