What is Pick and Pack – How Does It Benefit Your Business?

Pick and pack is a term used to describe a form of distribution process where different goods are picked from a central store and repackaged to meet the requirements of the destination. They are then sent out to the recipients. At the start of the process, the products come into a warehouse and they are inventoried and stored in the facility. Each warehouse will have a slightly different inventory management system but in general products will be stored in sections depending on the size of the packed items. In the next step of the pick and pack process, the required goods are taken from their individual locations and then repacked as the customer requires. The inventory is then updated as the package is sent.

There are several benefits to the pick and pack process. Find out more about the specifics of this system right here:

Pick and Pack is More Efficient

There is often a logistical problem when goods must be retrieved from separate place and repackaged. One strong benefit of the pick and pack method is that all goods are stored in the same place and the distribution process takes place in one location. This makes the process more efficient as there is no middle man involved and the process is more likely to be streamlined and smooth.

Pick and Pack is More Economical

Pick and pack distribution is usually more cost effective than other alternatives as the process can take control of orders of different sizes, which means there are no minimum orders which can drive the cost up in many cases. And since the process takes place at one location there is a cost saving in terms of overheads.

Pick and Pack is Organised and Efficient

The advanced organisation connected with the pick and pack process means that shipments are efficiently handled and reach their destinations on time, and quickly. Time is of the essence where distribution is concerned, and it is vital that packaging and repackaging takes place as quickly as possible in order to allow time for deliver.

Pick and pack is a service offered by many logistics and warehousing firms. It is often a service that companies outsource to such a provider, given that it can be costly to maintain and organise in-house warehousing and distribution.

Pick and pack


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