What Are Hydraulic Tensioners? Here’s What You Need To Know!

For the uninitiated, hydraulic tensioners are common industrial tools that are extensively used for stretching bolts with large diameters. Installing large and multiple bolts can be complicated because of the effects of friction, and hydraulic tensioners help in reducing such concerns.

The process of using hydraulic tensioners is also very simple. The operator will hold the hydraulic tensioner as required, so as to place the bridge, puller and piston in position. Once all the parts are positioned, additional hydraulic pressure is used for stretch the bolt. The operator then can turn the nut by hand, which allows the required extension. Below are some other aspects worth knowing about hydraulic tensioners.

Get an estimate

Since the requirements of industrials vary considerably, there are varied kinds of styles and designs in hydraulic tensioners, which are also customized on request. Expectedly, it is extremely hard to get a fixed price or estimate without knowing the requirements. If you place a bulk order for hydraulic tensioners, it is likely that you will get a better price. However, do get an estimate in advance to compare the costs better.

Finding a supplier

 If you need industrial tools such as hydraulic tensioners, you need to first find a reliable supplier. A smart idea is to look online, as most of the manufacturers are sellers have their own portals, where all the products are listed. You can mention your requirements in an email or on call to get an estimate. Apart from providing the right industrial tools, you can also get assistance for your in-house staff, who can learn about using hydraulic tensioners effectively, which will only add to the lifespan of the tool. The training offered by sellers and manufacturers is of extreme importance, because it reduces the concerns related to extensive use. With suppliers, you also need to be a tad more careful with customer support, because if the industrial tools and hydraulic tensioners don’t worth as expected, you should be able to get some assistance.

Usually, hydraulic tensioners for large bolts are expensive, but as mentioned earlier, you can always get an offer. If you don’t want to purchase such tools, you can always choose to rent, which can reduce the investment and operational costs considerably. Before using hydraulic tensioners, do check the pressure related facts and tips given by the manufacturer. Check online now to find the best sellers for hydraulic tensioners in your area.