Utilize Sanitary Pumps to Get a Number of Benefits

Sanitary pumps are used for many different industrial applications like cosmetic, pharmaceuticals, dairy, healthcare, and food processing industries. In such type of industries there is requirement of frequent cleaning up and sterilizing equipment as a process requirement. This will ensure that the product manufactured will not be contaminated. This kind of product that are handled by these pumps can be mostly in the form of liquid, liquid that can get dry quickly or may change color too.

These sanitary pumps are so designed that they are ideal for aseptic type of application. Following are some of the typical applications.

  • Food dispensing

Dispensing of certain kinds of foods like ice cream etc.

  • Flavoring and food additives

They are normally used in restaurants where plenty of foodstuff materials are to be dispensed. Pumps are used for cleaning the fluids and liquids etc.

  • Dairy products

Various dairy products like butter and creams are also handled with the pump.

  • Cart mounted transfer

Mostly street food vendors may need such application

  • Filling machines

In soft drink manufacturing companies such refill machines may be used.


  • Cosmetic and pharmaceuticals

Lets us list out some of the benefits of using sanitary pumps:

  1. In the pumps the parts that usually come in the contact of the liquid items are usually made of stainless steel. Therefore, if required for cleaning of the pump then it can be easily dis-assembled for the purpose of cleaning or sterilization. Bearings and seals of the pump are less vulnerable to wearing out due to friction. Usually it needs very little repair or maintenance except for few unique components.
  2. These sanitary pumps are designed with careful considerations yet its prices are very competitive. Since they are most modern variety of pump and hence it has got impeccable quality.
  3. Every part of the pump are very carefully designed with the right size and specifications and prices are determined based on application.

  1. Pump produces very little amount of noise while running. Therefore, in such environment where minimum disturbance is needed these pumps can work well. The place like hospitals and nursing homes for instance.
  2. It is possible to obtain accurate flow rate at smaller repetitive quantity
  3. Total operation by using such pump proves to be very cost effective.

Sanitary pumps are available in many different specifications and therefore based on the application it can be chosen. They are very cost-effective solution for obtaining contamination free pumping operation.