Utilising Plant Hire for Stadium Construction

As with any large-scale construction project the building of a stadium requires heavy funding, accurate and thorough planning of both the stadium structure and surrounding areas, as well as precise materials and equipment for the whole process to be a smooth one. There are often time sensitivities and budget restraints when it comes to stadium construction, with the venues having to be open for very specific times and sporting events. With that in mind many construction companies that work on such projects utilise the experience and know-how of plant hire companies to assist them with their goal of completing a stadium construction on time and to budget.

Stadiums have to be built with decades in mind, that is why they can sometimes take longer than expected to be completed, due to the structural integrity that is required. With concrete pillars and steel girders providing the support structures and a roof required in many cases modern stadiums require complex construction work to take place, often at high altitudes.

Utilising the expertise of plant hire specialists, you can ensure that all aspects of a stadium construction project are undertaken in as simplistic fashion as possible. Large cranes are required to transport and fit heavy materials that are required at height, as the frame the stadium, in the form of each stand and the terrace structure that sits on top, are created. Rollers are required to ensure that the ground and surface are prepared prior to foundations being put in place for these structures, but also to ensure the surface that will end up being the field of play is in the right format. Often there will be under soil heating, drainage systems and sprinkler systems fitted before the grass pitch is installed on top. It is imperative that the whole area is ready for that process.

Excavators of all sizes and variety are also used to prepare the land, at the site of the stadium structure itself but also for the surrounding areas where there could be many corporate ventures, hotels, apartments, shops, bars and restaurants all as part of the stadium development. During the construction phase a plant hire company can also provide the project with trailers, accommodation, and storage and toilet facilities to be used. There are many different factors to consider.

For big sporting arenas and stadiums the planning stages are crucial. If you are in charge of developing plans and ensuring that all processes run smoothly it really pays off to have a long-standing relationship with an experienced plant hire company that can help you during the project. From the planning stages, through the preparation of the surface and surrounding areas, right up until completion and adding the finishing touches, a high quality plant hire company can provide you with all the equipment, machinery and vehicles to make the sporting stadium look immaculate and ready to open for play.