Training Staff to Increase IT Security

In every business there is a need to have the latest security  for your IT in order to prevent breaches to your system and to protect important, personal, and often sensitive data from being stolen or corrupted. Training your employees to increase your IT security is a strong step you can take as a business owner to ensure that there are simple and effective processes in place that help to prevent security breaches.

Protecting your company from online threats has to begin with the practices you have in place on a daily basis. Your employees are key to keeping both their individual work computers, and your entire network, safe from harm. You can put together as much of the latest equipment and security technology as you can find and afford, but if your employees don’t fully understand their roles and the responsibilities they have with regard to the safety of data and company resources it can lead to problems of data breach and security issues further down the line. When this happens it can have a significant impact on your company’s reputation and ability to work effectively.

Your employees should be trained to understand a number of issues and key processes to help keep your network safe from a data breach. This can include:

Keep Individual Computers Clean –  There should be clear and concise rules within your company that all staff members adhere to. This will include the software and programmes that they are allowed to install and keep on their individual work computers. Allowing any outside installations to take place could compromise the security of your network.

Implement Strong Passwords – Another way to ensure the protection of your network is to have in place a strong password process for all individual work stations. Passwords are best when they are at least 12 characters long and can even have spaces included in some instances. Ensure your staff chooses passwords that they can easily remember, but without them being too simple. Having two-step authentication, changing passwords regularly, as well as storing all passwords separately and kept in a safe place (written down and physically stored) will help to boost security levels.

Always be Aware – Your employees will be faced with spam links, messages and attachments to download on a daily basis, just like they are in their spare time. Train your staff to completely understand the spam filters you have in place, how to use them in order to negate the issue of potentially harmful emails and attachments. Build a culture where your staff are distrustful of tweets, emails, online ads and other links that could cause harm to the network.

Back-Up Culture – There are two ways you can set up a process to back up data. Firstly you can instruct your IT department to automatically back up your employees work, or instruct your employees on how to perform this task and why it is important to do so.

IT security is important for every business in order to protect the integrity of data and sensitive information relating to employees, suppliers and customers. Training your staff to understand security issues is imperative.