Tips on Storage Options for Contract manufacturing to keep Chocolate for long

Valentine day passed few months back and so your last stock of chocolate is now stored in the refrigerator. Still few born with sweet tooth desire to savour chocolate for weeks and months.  Several people are chocolates collectors. Surprisingly, chocolate bars, if stored properly last for several years. Heat, Humidity, and Strong odour are its biggest enemies.

When you talk about contract manufacturing for chocolate, you need to know what exactly it is. Chocolate contract manufacturing actually allows confectionery companies to enter domestic as well as international market via legal contract with the chocolate manufacturers that have additional production capacity.

For instance, a Canadian manufacturer could sell its confectionery items in China via contract with an Asian confectioner who is allowed to do business in China. Over the past few years, chocolate is the most popular category for contract manufacturing. So, it needs to be equipped with good storage option.

If you want to combat the enemies of chocolate, just follow ten tips given below:

  1. Store the chocolate between 16 – 18ºC.  Since a little heat can slowly take away aroma and flavour.
  2. Keep them in a dry place.   Ideally, humidity must be below 50%.  Excess moisture can condense on the bar.
  3. Keep chocolate out of direct sunlight.  Not only will it heat up the chocolate, but sunlight will also degrade flavours.
  4. Avoid strong odours.  Please do not place the chocolate in your fridge near garlic or kimchee.  Chocolate easily absorbs strong odour
  5. Do not fear about ‘best before’ or ‘expiry date’.  The secret behind this is manufacturer’s put “best by” dates on the chocolate bars because as per laws it is mandatory, but in reality, these dates is arbitrary.
  6. Keep chocolate away from your pet dog.  For some dogs, chocolate acts as a powerful stimulant for heart attack.  If possible consult your vet before giving a piece to your dog.
  7. Store your favourite chocolate in tightly sealed bags. These freezer bags will squeeze the air out before sealing.  Then put everything in a clean cooler.
  8. You can invest in wine cooler though it is an expensive option but it allows you to control temperature. You can stock both wine and chocolate together.
  9. If possible invest some money in buying a small fridge dedicated to chocolate.  Set the temperature and keep it clean.
  10. Put your chocolate in a sealed food storage bins.  Keep it away from strong flavoured bars like mint.  This will prevent moisture from being in contact with chocolate.

No matter wherever you store it, keep it for 1 hour to warm up at room temperature, before you serve it.  Chocolate has the capacity to add flavour to your life.  You feel like heaven when you keep a square and press it till it melts.