The Secret Tools of Enterprise Business Marketing

From the local barber shop to the big box retailer at the mall, if there is a business that isn’t using the web to market their goods and services they are missing a bet these days. While there was a time when having a website for your business meant you were a savvy businessperson who was a bit ahead of the curve, today it is simply good business sense.

But just as a carpenter wouldn’t think of going to that next job with nothing more than a hammer in their toolbox, your website shouldn’t be the only tool in your business marketing toolbox. This is true of every business, big or small.

But it really applies big time to the enterprise businesses who are struggling in today’s fast paced economy just to keep up. If you want to know what you need in that toolbox beyond a good website, listen up. We have a few ideas that may even surprise you when it comes to marketing.

 Getting Organized

Many enterprise businesses are finding that growing up to play in the big boy’s sandbox has its good and bad points. One of them is that with growth can come disorganization as it is a struggle to find ways to ensure that your company continues to stay on top of every aspect of business.

To market successfully you need to have all the information you can get about how your business is growing, what it needs to succeed and who your market has changed into with this growth. One of the best tools for this is the Dynamics Ax software for staying on top of every aspect of your busy business organization. It is hard to gain new markets if you don’t understand them or the strengths and weaknesses of your own organization. So, before you start investing in fancy marketing tools and software, take the time to invest in your own business organization. You will be glad you did.

Partnering Up

You may be a company that has the world by the tail and are in for the long ride. But if you can create meaningful partnerships with long running businesses that compliment where your goals are, you can achieve far more then you would on your own.

Networking locally and at trade conventions may point out that perfect partnership. Getting involved in non-profits that connect with your business is another way to find that strategic partner that will move your business in new directions. Just be sure if working with non-profits that your heart is behind what they do or you will find yourself ostracized for manipulating a good cause for your own business gain.

Interns and Rookies

Sometimes the best ideas for business can come from the most unlikely of sources. Make sure that your business is open to bringing in new ideas through vibrant and active internship programs. You can work with local colleges for this or even talk to your local Chamber of Commerce about work programs for disadvantaged kids who are willing to do the work. The most unlikely of candidates can end up being your best salesperson or marketing director. Keep your eyes and heart open for opportunities.