Surplus Pipes Can Be Used in Variety of Structural Projects

People assume used materials to be old, dirty, degraded and corroded after months or years of use. This is not always true when it is referred to ‘secondary pipes’. These materials are put on sale as surplus or used instead of prime materials because of multiple reasons.

Brand new pipes are sold as secondary or surplus materials because it is a leftover from the other project. Pipe is never used but as it was purchased and probably cut a part of it on job site, it cannot be sold again as prime. This means that buyers can get top quality surplus pipe at low rates.

Sources of secondary or surplus materials

  • Leftovers from job site
  • Improperly cut materials rejected by customers
  • Some kind of defect
  • Pipeline jobs

Surplus pipes cannot be used in the way it was designed to but you can purchase it for different structural situations.

Application of surplus steel pipes

Light structural use

Surplus steel pipes can be used in different structural applications like sign poles, fencing, hand railings, bollards, and bridge railings.

In foundations

Surplus materials can be employed in different construction applications that needs a strong and solid foundation. Piling is the most common way surplus material is used. Structures erected over water like swampy land, river, or bay get a very stable foundation.

Increased strength is required

In situations, where amplified strength is necessary secondary materials help out. For example, foundation and bulk heads, which need dense under girding with extra strength can benefit from surplus steel pipes.

Road bore casing

Secondary pipes are perfect for road bore casing, which is used under roadways for creating stable and secure casing to hold on small pipes, which is a part of very large pipeline section. Secondary steel pipes can be cut to needed sizes. They are often available in different diameters as well.

Surface casing

At oil fields, surface casing protects water sands from getting contaminated or prevents drilling fluids leak during drilling process. Surplus steel pipe is set at shallow depths near surface.

Drainage & dredging

Surplus materials can be employed as drainage near ponds or another watery feature. It can even be applied as dredging pipe. You can get an effective and reliable prime material at a fraction of cost.


Secondary pipes can be used for purposes they were originally designed for in some cases. For example, secondary pipes are safe and durable prime material to be reused in new locations as water, gas, and oil pipelines. However, you will need to test them for durability and pressure resistance before applying it in pressure condition.