Six Tips for Parking Lot Maintenance

If you own a business with a parking lot, it’s important to maintain the parking area just as you would the building. A lot in disrepair looks unattractive and can lead to damaged vehicles, which you could be responsible for. Use these tips to maintain the lot and save money.

Sweep Debris Away

Even if your business doesn’t entail selling retail merchandise, a parking lot tends to attract garbage, rocks, dirt, and other debris. To prevent damage to the surface of the asphalt, you should have the lot professionally swept to remove the debris. Along with making the lot more attractive, keeping the lot clear of debris will prevent cracks, potholes, and other problems.

Patch Problems

Inspect the parking lot on occasion to spot cracks and other damage to the surface and seal them before they expand. When asphalt begins to age, the surface will oxidise and the asphalt contracts. This will cause cracks that can become potholes if the cracks are ignored. When you spot problems, use a rubberised sealer to fill in the cracks so they cannot expand.

Remove Oil and Other Liquids

If there are oil and other fluids on the parking lot, they can pose a hazard to customers and employees alike. If someone were to slip and fall on the parking lot, the business owner, you, could be responsible for any damages caused by the fall. If necessary, use cat litter or sand to cover the spill and then sweep it up once it has absorbed the liquid to remove the problem

Mark Lot

It is important to clearly mark parking lanes, walkways, and the designated parking area for the disabled to prevent accidents and obey regulations. Without clear markings, it can be difficult to tell where cars should park and where the pedestrian crosswalks are located. However, by hiring a company that does line marking in Gold Coast, accidents for which you could be found liable can be prevented.

Look for Drainage Issues

To help keep your parking lot in good shape, make sure that water is not backing up when it rains. High water can hide hazards that can result in damaged vehicles and the water can wear down the pavement’s stability. By making sure that the drains run freely, you can keep the parking lot clear of water and the damage it can cause.

Seal the Lot

A parking area should be sealed every two years to prevent damage to the concrete or asphalt. Excessive water, debris, grass, and weed growth can break down materials in the parking lot and they can be washed away when it rains, gradually deteriorating the lot. However, having it sealcoated can help the lot materials maintain their integrity and keep the lot in good shape.

By following these tips, the parking area of your business will be safer for customers to park and walk across. It will also look more attractive, which can help draw more customers to your business as well as potential buyers if you ever decide to sell your property.