Signs You Need To Contact A Professional Right Away For Waterproofing Your Basement!

Shopping for a new home can be really exciting and fun. There can be many things running in your mind. After all, hunting down ideal place in just the right community needs some exercise physically as well as mentally.

However, there are many important things to consider while purchasing one. One of the most crucial yet neglected considerations is to look out for condition of the basement of your new home. While viewing homes to buy, it can be very dangerous to treat it as an afterthought. A bad basement may sometimes turn your dream into nightmare!

Ensuring that your basement is dry, healthy, and safe is very important. So, check out for the following signs of a bad basement and protect your home as soon as you notice any!

Cracks in floor and walls

While it may be possible that you may not see any signs of the water seepage, but the foundation wall cracks can’t get better just by them. Fortunately, the crack repair is normally least costly waterproofing remedy.

Hairline floor cracks are some of the common sources of the water seepage from the hydrostatic pressure in ground below. Heaving or large cracks can be signs of inadequate floor or even some more serious foundation issues.

Water marks

In case you spot any kind of spot stains from water that run down the basement walls, it is possible that the water has entered through basement over top of foundation. It may be probably due to grading issues or exterior infiltration sources.

Musty and damp odour

If your basement smells like locker room, there are chances that it may be due to water seeping into basement. While there may not be any signs of the water infiltration, your nose will always know.

Water lines on the basement windows

Generally, basement windows are there to let in the air and light and not to be aquariums! If you see the retained water, it means that window well drain is missing or badly clogged. In either way, there is a need to get it repaired from professionals at Soprema.

The above tips will really make you better home buyer if you weight them well while making final decision on buying a new home. All of them can easily be fixed permanently by reliable and reputable waterproofing company. You should even factor cost of all these repairs into value of your new home.