Signs That You Might Have Water Damage


Water can be very damaging to your home or business, especially if the source of the water is not dealt with quickly. Damage caused by water can spread if left untreated. In some instances, the damage can become unhealthy to be around when mold and mildew starts to form. The worse part about water damage is that sometimes the signs aren’t noticeable right away. When you find you have some of the signs listed below, it is important to hire a restoration company or water restoration for healthcare facilities such as right away.


One of the first signs you might notice is a smell. When water is left sitting underneath flooring or in walls, it begins to smell musky and moldy. When you smell this distinct odor along with any other signs, you most likely have some water damage.


Not all signs of water damage are visible or smelly, if you hear the sound of water rushing or dripping in areas that you shouldn’t, it is imperative to call a plumber right away to look for leaking or broken pipes. Also, aside from the sound of water, you might notice a difference in the sound your flooring makes when you step on it.

Pooling Water

If you notice a small pool of water anywhere in or around your home, clean it up and take note. If you find you have to come back and re-clean up the same puddle or pooling of water, this is an indication that you have water leaking from somewhere.


If you find mold, there is water or moisture causing it. If the mold is formed because of condensation in your bathrooms, you might not need a restoration company. However, when there is mold in other areas of your home, you need to find the source of the moisture. Mold can be smelly and cause health problems if not properly taken care of.

No one wants to have to deal with water damage. It can be costly and destructive to your home and belongings. However, the sooner you find the cause and get it fixed, the better off you will be.