Privileged Account Management Keeps a Check from Vulnerable Misuse

The complexity of organizations must not be underestimated. This is because organizations experience sharing and managing access of privileged accounts. The privileged accounts are handled by trusted people and yet there are various solutions addressing the privilege account management various challenges.

Key reasons to have: 

  • Managing privilege passwords is not easy and some organizations also attempt managing passwords manually for their key and privileged account. These organizations eventually experience an external audit and do not succeed. In fact, they also get exposed to cyber attack and high visibility.
  • Privileged account management is not complex or difficult. It provides a comprehensive privileged account management that can deliver an approach to meet the requirements immediately, though it expands easily while adding functionality to other areas in the organization.
  • Changing passwords of administrator manually creates failed audits. On the other hand privileged account management ensures safe automation of administration and also of other privileged account changes in the password.  The manual processes are expensive as it costs the businesses or organization manual hours annually and yet the accounts are prone

Employees are also one of the biggest threats and so considering privileged account management provides control, accountability and visibility to restrict administrative access as it averts the unauthorized access even to shared accounts. The changes of high frequency password are also implemented and this provides complete security to all the accounts.

With the privilege account management breaches can be avoidable to 96% and this is possible through intermediate or simple controls. Generally the breaches may be avoided even with approval process or it can be set as automatic for all requests. Thus it ensures control even over the privileged accounts.  Achieving compliance means even the privileged access needs to be controlled and the generic accounts should be locked down or disabled always.