Offer Secure Payment Processing In Your Online Store

Your online store is more than just a place to purchase physical or digital products. It is also a place where customers can shop without worry, and it is no secret that a secure payment is on their mind when shopping online. What you need is a shopping cart affiliate that makes payment easy and secure on both sides. Use the software and following tips to offer secure payment processing in your online store.

Offer Different Payment Gateways

Use the shopping cart software to offer a variety of payment gateways in your store. The payment gateways include PayPal, FirePay, Merchant Partners, Simplify Commerce and Worldpay Online Payments. Your customers are likely to shop with you in the future because they are able to choose their preferred payment gateway. They do not have to worry about using an unfamiliar gateway or providing sensitive information when shopping with you.

Make Sure Your Store Is PCI Certified

There are many customers who are hesitant to shop in a new online store, and they may hit the back button if they do not feel safe shopping in your store. This is why it is important to make sure your store is PCI certified. PCI certified means customers can shop without worrying about their credit card or other sensitive information being stolen. The software is compliant with the Visa Cardholder Information Security Program, and it meets the Payment Card Industry Data Security requirements.

Show Customers Your Store Is Safe

The first thing your customers are going to look for is a signal that you are a safe and legitimate business. One way to show them your store is safe is to add a security badge, such as a closed lock in the browser or ‘https’ in the URL. The shopping cart software features a Branded Checkout, which offers the highest level of protection for their sensitive information. Your customers are sure to return if they know you take their security seriously.

Use A Secure Shopping Cart Software

It is important to invest your time and money in a secure shopping cart software. You do not want sensitive data such as credit card information or account passwords to fall into the wrong hands. A secure shopping cart software uses the highest levels of protection to keep sensitive information safe. The servers are housed in modern data centers with security monitoring around the clock. You and your customers can rest assured that all sensitive information is safe from hackers and viruses.

There are many companies that offer shopping cart software for online stores. The key is to find one that offers multiple payment gateways and the highest security measures. You do not want to use a product that is not serious about protecting sensitive information.

Your potential customers may not stick around if they do not feel comfortable shopping in your store. The best way to build a loyal customer base is to show them you care about their security when shopping online.