Making Video with Local Assistance

Making movies or even short videos is a lot more complicated than it might look and that is when you are doing it on your doorstep. Once you start to travel further afield the complications can mount up very quickly and it is highly advisable to find a local partner to work with, who can make life a lot simpler. In all three major aspects of producing a video, pre-production, production itself and post-production, local input can be beneficial in making everything look authentic and deal with a host of other issues the way only locals can.


The pre-production phase, is when all of the planning for filming occurs, which not only means that this is when all of the dialogue and sets are being planned, but also the locations and the clothes and costumes are being designed. Local knowledge is not only extremely useful in ensuring that the wardrobe and dialogue are correct, but also are more likely to know, without having to spend time and money in research, not only where the best locations are, but also how to go about obtaining the right permissions to be able to film in key places. Sought after locations can be quite difficult to arrange if you do not know the local customs and regulations. For instance, if you wanted to shoot some desert scenes, or a top hotel in Dubai, would be a great site to visit, as they are a leading local video production company.

In production

When you are actually filming the video or movie, you are generally going to require a substantial number of local staff, and rather than trying to recruit, it is a much simpler process altogether, to employ the services of a local company, who have all of the staff you will need for erecting props, providing lighting and everything else required to get a good shoot. No two movies are ever the same and the production team has the responsibility to organise whatever additional roles are required to get the job done. Local assistance in specialist technology will be a better idea than shipping someone half way around the world.

Post Production

Post production is when all of the filming has been completed, and it is time for the film that has been taken to be edited along with the sound track. It is quite normal for the film to be shot in an order that is completely different chronologically, from how the final movie is going to appear when it hits the screen. Due to crew, actor and site availability, the end of the movie may have been shot some weeks or months before the middle or beginning. Again local knowledge can make all the difference when it is all being spliced together so that it appears to the viewer to be perfectly chronological.

Having local input at post production ensures that any translations when the sound and video come together are correct and can avoid any geographical mistakes. After all, a scene on the way to an airport for example, will pass certain landmarks on the way, and it will look quite odd for you to pass one place, only to see another a moment later, that is actually five miles back down the road.