Is Offering On-Site Beauty Services In Singapore Ideal?

Starting an online or home retail business is probably the easiest and most affordable business you can think of, especially if it’s your first time to really start one. “Start small” or “Start from the bottom” – that’s what they always say, right?

But given the current large number of e-commerce sites and online sellers in various platforms apart from Facebook and Instagram, do you want to know what’s another type of business that could be as easy and as budget-friendly? Being an on-site service provider. With the help of capable and hardworking skilled professionals, you would be able to provide clients top quality services even without having to pay for store location, utilities, or even website costs.

In this article, we ought to discuss one very promising and profitable business idea for people who would like to capitalize on providing quality services without starting an e-commerce or online business and that is starting a mobile beauty service business.

Your Target Market: BUSY MEN & WOMEN

It’s but obvious that your main clients are men and women who just don’t have the time to go to onsite beauty or grooming service centers. As both men and women now regularly patronize beauty treatments and services to be able to look more pleasing and acceptable in the eyes of society – there’s really a huge demand for this kind of business. And because of social media, men and women are slightly being pressured to live a healthy lifestyle and to pay more attention to their physical characteristics.

Now, you can focus more your efforts on Singapore’s busy moms – both the stay-at-home and the career/business oriented mothers. Why them? Simply because their precious time and lives revolve on just two main things: work/business AND family. When they get to have time for themselves or their friends, that’s already considered as a bonus.

Just think about it: with the endless breastfeeding, nappy changing, planning and cooking meals, grocery shopping, driving to and from school, and taking care of unending errands, they basically don’t have time to squeeze in some quality ME TIME. By providing beauty services wherein they don’t really need to get out of their homes or offices, you are now considered as their lifesaver.

What You Provide

There is simply a wide array of onsite beauty services you can offer – from hair, nails, face, skin, and more. But if you simply want expert advice, we suggest that you start with your own niche. Provide your customers with a USP – your Unique Selling Proposition. Once you think you’ve already succeeded in that niche, that’s the time when you can expand to providing even more beauty services.

For example, you want to focus on hair removal or grooming. (Since busy women would most likely forget to put this in their priority list). So then, you can provide waxing, threading, and even brow shaping services. Now once you’ve noticed the number of loyal customers are increasing and most of them are requesting that you provide other services, then that’s the time you consider expanding your business.

Promoting Your Business

Since you don’t have a physical business location, you’re basically relying on word of mouth. But don’t get us wrong, okay – word of mouth is still one of the most powerful advertising and promotional tools you can use. What we mean is, you come up with promotional strategies with word of mouth as your basis.

You may use social media channels, digital messaging groups, community boards, and even digital media. And by reaching the people through these channels first, then by giving quality beauty services, you’ll be sure to experience a more powerful word-of-mouth. Your clients will be the one promoting for you, without even asking them to do it.

CONCLUSION:  Is It Really That Ideal?

If you’re to ask us, who are experts in helping startups and providing company incorporation services in Singapore, then our answer is a resounding YES! Basically, to be able to start a mobile beauty service business, you’ll need very minimum capital. The only crucial thing to consider is, who will be the one to do the beauty treatments. Now if you’re not going to be the one who’ll do the manicures, massages, or hair treatments, then you would have to hire trained professionals to be your staff. That’s the thing you should focus on – the kind of work your staff does. Because the number of your loyal clients, your sales, and your referrals will all depend on that. Now if you’re but confident that you’ll be able to provide exceptional service to your customers, and then by all means don’t waste any more time and start your business now while the opportunity is still there.

And should you need experts to help you start your mobile beauty business, then look no further than Enterprise Assurance PAC. We’ll be more than happy to help you with your endeavors. Speak with us today!