How to Use a Virtual Office in London

A virtual office is a great way for a small business to look more legitimate, and there are fewer addresses more renowned than London. By choosing London for a virtual office, your company looks very professional while you also to use the address for other business purposes, such as mail collection and meeting with clients.

Best of all, you can do this from any part of the country! As a newer concept, not everyone is fully aware of how to use a virtual office in London, so here’s what you need to know to get started:

Research Office Providers

The first thing to do when looking for a virtual office in London is to search for an office provider. There are many candidates throughout the city, making it easy enough to find an address that works within your budget while still looking professional.

Be mindful that a virtual office in London costs more than most areas of the country, yet it is still significantly lower than a physical office in the city. Make sure the office provider charges a fee within your budget, while considering what additional services they offer.

Choose an Address

There many things to consider before choosing an address for a London virtual office. For one thing, which part of London do you want your address to be located? There are many benefits to being in Central London, but this will cost much more than other regions.

Also, as a virtual office in London also offers conference rooms, you may want to choose an address that caters to your clients. For example, if you work with overseas clients that may occasionally fly into London for meeting, Central London is the best choice due to Heathrow Airport’s nearby location.

Hire the Services You Require

Using a virtual office in London is a great way to establish your business, but you likely require more services that simply a reputable address. For instance, do you have a business phone number and someone to answer and forward calls?

You can certainly do this on your own using a virtual phone line, but considering how time consuming this would be you, it’s probably best to hire a virtual assistant in some capacity. A virtual assistance is often an additional service from virtual office providers, so it may be worth hiring this additional service to let you focus on running the business.

Similarly, do want a mailing address? Most virtual offices offer this and mail forwarding for an additional fee, while you may want to choose a provider with conference rooms for hire should you need to meet a client.

Many services are available when using a virtual office in London – you may benefit from using some of them now or in the future!