How to Turn Your Office into a Paperless Wonderland

Turning your office into a paperless working environment could be the best decision you make today as a business owner. It might seem utterly impossible to make a reality due to the fact that paper still continue to be produced by the forest load and offices still use loads of paper on a daily basis. We all know the benefits of a paperless office in terms of the positive impact on the environment, so how can you actually make your office a paperless wonderland?

Look to Cloud Storage – Accessibility has always been a gripe from the traditionalists who want to only see a physical paper document in their hands to consider it a real ‘thing’. This is folly in the modern age however, as to have a paper document in front of you, your filing system has to be present. What if you’re out in the field and need access to a document? With cloud storage and the current online services available, you’ll have access to your documents wherever you have access to the internet, so you don’t even have to be in the office.

Digital Reports – Think about how many times you are handed a report from a meeting, or a daily schedule. How many pieces of paper are being wasted in moments like this. Multiple sheets of paper printed with the same information on it, for multiple members of the team. Now think how much better it would be to receive a digital copy of such items. For one, it is a faster way to distribute information, and secondly, it can also be kept digitally stored to be found easily if you need to take another look.

Embrace Mobile – Mobile technology within certain industries can have a real impact on waiting times and effectiveness. Tablets can be used to sign visitors in to medical settings for instance, whilst staff can quickly view records without having to wait for physical copies to be found and delivered to them. Digital copies on mobile devices also ensure that fewer mistakes are made due to illegible handwriting, which is very important in the medical sector.

Work from Anywhere – We briefly covered this in point one, but being able to work from anywhere with an internet connection due to the high speeds most of us now receive, is a blessing. Working from home ensures that there is a notable reduction in paper waste in the office environment. Emails are sent, or messages through time management software such as Slack. It even means that reports can be digitally sent and not printed, saving a ton of paper in the process.

As you can see these are just a few reasons and processes that could actually help you transition your workplace into a paperless environment. The benefits are clear for all to see and it’s about time the majority stood up and made a difference.