How to Build an Effective Direct Mail Marketing Campaign in 4 Easy Steps

When it comes to small business ventures, the very first step you need is to gain new customers. But here lies the problem, you might not know to find them. There are various strategies to the rescue, and direct mail marketing is one of them. So here are some tips and strategies for the same to acquire new leads and converting them into your most loyal customers of all.

Understanding your target market

Been acquainted with your best customers is one of the golden assets you can possess. To begin, you must know your customers’ demographics: such as males 18-34 or females with children etc. But, on a larger scale, you might also need a broader understanding of your customer’s profile like their shopping and purchasing behavior, their perception towards trends, products, lifestyle habits, keeping in mind their psychological, geographical factors too. This will help you gain an idea of being more effective in your target market selection as well as the messages you will use to communicate with them.

Target your ideal customer

Once you have the knowledge of the market, it’s time you can use this input to build up a list of potential new customers. You can prefer using targeted direct mailing list, but it adds up to the costs. On the other hand, this is the sole tool to generate a good response rate. Also, pay heed to one of the oldest formulas of direct marketing: “Mail to as many people as you can; someone has to be interested.” Targeted marketing lists define your leads in the best way. It lessens the wastage of resources and results in higher response rates. Examples of targeted marketing direct mailing postcards, informational brochures etc.

Pick a type of mailing list

The next step is to choose a type of direct mailing list to the targeted set of customers. The keener you are in analysis and selection of direct mailing list, the better the rate of success. You can choose from various different categories of direct mailing lists available in the market depending upon the size of your target market. Here are three types you can consider from:

  • Specialty List: This list allows you to determine your target audience.
  • Custom Mailing List: This list allows you to select the market criteria to meet your requirements.
  • Cloned List: This list helps in finding customers similar to your target market.

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Create a mailing

Once you have chosen the mailing list, it’s time to create a direct mail message to send it to your potential customers. The main motive is to create a piece that delivers your message, which represents what your company is. Incline the piece to the part where it communicates you deliver quality with efficiency.

Once the piece is ready it is time to dispatch them to the target market. There are various direct mailing services available in the market.