Here are the 4 Hottest Office Design Trends for 2018

Office designs have vastly changed in the last couple of decades. With the rise of a new generation of entrepreneurs, it’s time to retire some dated office furniture concepts such as the cubicles. The reason is simple: old office designs did not encourage creativity, comfort, and social interaction.

Employees spend at least eight hours per day for five days there, so making the office enjoyable and pleasant is a must in 2018.

That said, the rise of the modern office design is a logical evolution and a huge step forward. Just ask the employees at any huge, Internet-oriented company like Google or Facebook.

If you’re looking for the right furniture pieces for your modern office design, the experts at Shore Office Warehouse shared a couple of hot office design trends with us.

Flexible Design

A flexible office features furniture that can be easily moved and adjusted to create the ideal setting for any task, whether it’s co-working or a meeting. Flexible office furniture can be easily moved from one part of the office to the other and does not keep an employee confined to their desk all day long.

On the other hand, if employees need some „me-time“ they can easily move their workspace to a quiet area so they can focus on the task at hand. The freedom to move around will create a healthier work atmosphere and help employees be more efficient.

Collaborative Spaces

Collaborative workspaces are quickly gaining momentum in all modern offices. Working with others is a crucial aspect of every company and furniture that enables that is more and more sought after.

From large meeting desks with USB and charging ports to separate, comfortable areas where colleagues can meet and discuss a project face-to-face, these furniture pieces are essential in any company that aims to promote synergy.

Comfortable Workspaces

Like we mentioned, employees spend over eight hours, seven days a week in the office and having them sit on uncomfortable chairs is downright torture. If you want to create an effective and creative office, you have to provide comfort for your workers.

The aim of contemporary office designers is to make the office feel as much as your second home as possible. To that end, designers incorporate comfortable seating areas with adjustable chairs and vertical office desk settings that cater to the individual needs of all the employees.

These offices also include comfortable lounge areas where employees can relax and enjoy their break so they can recharge their batteries for the work ahead.

Modular Offices

One of the key features of a modern office design is adaptability. The ability to adapt the office to the different needs of the employees is quality contemporary office designers are striving for. The flexibility of the office layout is critical if you want to meet any future trends and boost employee productivity.

Investing in modular furniture is a smart move, as you will be able to adapt your office to future trends that may make more sense, either from a creative, professional or design perspective. Therefore, choosing this type of furniture is a smart, long-term investment.