Fix Marketing Outreach Strategy with Snovio


To understand how a digitally automated tool will help you effectively run the marketing strategy, we first need to understand, what ‘Marketing Outreach Strategy’ is. A marketing outreach strategy encompasses all the plans, strategies, and ideas that are executed on both the digital and non-digital platforms.

In today’s world, it is nearly impossible to have a marketing outreach strategy on the digital platform without an effective email marketing strategy. You need an email tracker, email finder and verifier, campaign planner.

Professionals recommend to save time and money by having all-in-one tool at hand instead of paying to a few companies for a tool for each purpose.

Snovio: The most effective email marketing outreach tool

Snovio, an automated email outreach tool, creates quite a positive buzz in the market. We have been using the tool for a few months, and are happy to report, that it works flawlessly. Not only it is easy to use (as far as it can be used either as a web app or Chrome extensions). It is also free!

It offers a host of necessary functionalities that will ensure that you are able to plan the campaign, perform it, and send follow-up emails, and re-assess the performance if necessary. Snovio will offer you the results that will help you evaluate and re-evaluate the campaign performance which will help you plan the next steps.

We tried to use Snovio, a bit differently. We’ve asked our marketing team to use it, namely, we asked our Front Office Manager to use it for following up. Yes, it is not just for marketing geeks, but Sales Representatives, HR Personnel, and practically anyone can use Snovio.

We were pleasantly surprised to see that she made the transition and optimized the workflow and sent follow-ups not only outside the organization, but also within employees. For example, the email tracking Chrome extension allowed her to view who has not yet opened the email. This way, she could be sure that it was high time to send the follow-up email. Cool right?

Snovio: Top Features for Marketing Outreach

But we’ve started talking about Snovio as the all-in-one platform. Which is why here’s the list of the tools at your disposal.

  • Email Finder: The tool which will support you on the first step to email marketing success. You can choose one of two options, use it either as a browser extension or the web app. The instrument provides you with email addresses found on any website. 
  • Email Verifier: One of Snovio core functionalities is to provide verification for emails that were found. This will help you differentiate between real and active email addresses on the one side and invalid ones on the other side, and allow you plan the next strategy accordingly.
  • Email Tracker for Gmail: Another great function of Snovio is its email trackingfeature. Which emails were opened?Which actions were taken (the message was opened or the links were clicked)? The answers to both these questions will be available to you. Imagine the potential of knowing such information.
  • Campaign Planning:Snovio allows you to create Email Drip Campaigns by not only managing timelines, but also setting triggers, delays, and goals, sending auto follow-ups. The best part about this is that all this is done in a clean and uncluttered manner. From now, you can forget about manual sending follow-ups, the system will do everything for you.

Snovio: The Best Email Marketing Outreach Tool on the Market?

Along with the above stated benefits, Snovio also allows you to conduct professional email searches on LinkedIn, it works as a technology checker for websites (platforms, analytics, e-commerce integrations), and offers the API of the features.

Just think of it: all these functionalities are at your disposal and the charge for them is nothing! Yes, you read it right; Snovio allows users to use its services free of cost.

Surely, the more you need, the more you pay. So, if you have great plans and need more credits, you can choose the subscription plan to your needs.