Does your start up need a broadband connection?

Start-up companies need constant Internet connectivity and high data speeds to increase productivity. We explain the attributes of a good broadband connection.

The Internet has truly revolutionised the way we live our lives. It facilitates faster, more effective communication and has helped make the world a more connected, smaller place. You could sit at your desk in Mumbai and communicate with somebody in the US within a few seconds. You can transfer money to any location in the world, watch live TV shows on your phone, even quickly download work presentations so that you can prepare for an important meeting on the run.

The concept of an office space, especially, has undergone a complete makeover ever since the Internet became an indelible entity in daily operations across industries. Previous generations of business owners had to have a mandatory office space. But today, the Internet has made it possible for people to function from remote locations without the need of physical brick and mortar spaces. Furthermore, it has become easier for most companies to outsource the jobs that they cannot handle with their limited resources.

Start-up companies, especially, are able to expand faster due to the proliferation of the Internet all over the country. But steady growth requires the best broadband Internet, so that connectivity is maintained at all times without compromising on speeds and overall output.

If you have a start-up company, you must have broadband Internet

Gone are the days when you could just plug in a mobile dongle into your laptop and get to work. Today, even if you run a small office space with a staff of just about 10 people or so, you cannot have individual Internet connections for each terminal. You can have Ethernet cables running to desktop computers, but there must be one broadband Internet connection to service the entire working area.

But for the start-up to truly excel, it requires a superfast broadband Internet connection that allows rapid uploads and downloads, always-on connectivity and nil possibility of network outages in the middle of work. Start-up company owners often have video calls to make with clients and other business associates, and the Internet connection must cater to this need without a hitch.

Only leading broadband providers like Airtel are able to relate to the needs of start-up companies. Accordingly, Airtel offers a range of broadband Internet plans that help businesses work seamlessly and without interruption.

How to pick the right broadband plan for your company

Professional handling is the key to the success of a new organisation. It starts with honouring work commitments and constantly pushing for new business. However, the devil lies in the details – and the image you present to the outside world can go a long way in furthering the growth of your company in the long run.

Take, for instance, the Internet connectivity in your working space. Do frequent Internet stutters make you and your employees see red? Are you video calls with clients getting interrupted, or files taking ages to buffer? A slow broadband Internet connection is to blame. Ultimately, it hampers productivity and lowers your company’s output.

Getting the best Internet broadband connection helps your company function seamlessly. When you buy a new connection for work, look for:

  • Ability to connect multiple devices – up to 10 different devices – on the same broadband connection.
  • No downtime, and uptime of 99% with V-fiber technology from Airtel broadband
  • Affordably priced monthly plans that offer data in the range of 500 GB to 1,200 GB based on the plan you pick if you are based in Mumbai. The monthly packs are priced from Rs 699 to Rs 2,199.
  • Data speeds ranging from 40 Mbps to 300 Mbps, depending on the Internet broadband plan you choose.

Picking Airtel Internet broadband

Airtel is the only broadband service provider in the country that offers the coveted V-fibernet technology. This technology offers superfast Internet speeds, an uptime of 99% at any time, and no network outages. So you and your employees can surf constantly, do beta testing for the company website, message with friends and associates, stream videos and carry out video calls – all using one single Internet broadband connection.

Consider the different Airtel broadband packs for Mumbai city:

The Internet broadband plans are reasonably priced and offer a host of attractive features, as the illustration above shows. Airtel also provides the modem free of cost, apart from easy and quick installation. You can also pay the monthly bill on the Airtel website or the myAirtel app.