Customs Consulting Can Expedite Your Move To Canada

Most people who live in the United States know what it is like to travel from one state to another.  The states are relatively small and while you can quickly fly between them, it is almost as easy to drive between them. If you are familiar with traveling between states, you know how easy it is.  In most cases you can drive across a state border without even realizing it!

Travelling internationally, of course, is much different. Even if you are trying to drive from the United States to Canada, making from one side of the border to the other is a bit more complicated.  Sure, the two countries have similar climates, similar societies, and even similar economies; they share laws, currency, languages, and more.

But moving from the United States to Canada is much harder than moving from one state to another. And for that reason, it is a good idea to enlist the help of Clearit customs consulting. This will ensure that you fill out all of your paperwork properly and have made necessary arrangements for a smooth transition.

International law is complicated and you will only be dealing with a small aspect of it:  importing and exporting.  When you relocate to a new country, the associated governments treat your valuables as imports and that means you may have to pay some duties or fees.  Customs consultants have knowledge and experience with these duties to ensure you make the right payments.

Customs consultants also help you to fill out the paperwork. If you are shipping some belongings, for example, you will need to fill out and upload your shipping-related documents.  They can also acquaint you with power of attorney options that can help you expedite the process.  Also, they will help you with Bill of Sale documentation, necessary to prove ownership.

Once you have completed all your forms you can officially begin the application processing.  After you begin this process you will receive a request for your payment.  You must clear this payment before you attempt to transport any of your valuables across the border.  Essentially, then, make sure you send your payments several days before you plan to make the physical move.

The hardest aspect of this process is the waiting.  This can take a bit of time—maybe more than you realize—as paperwork and payment processing can take time so prepare to be very patient.