Creating best airports worldwide

Changi Airports International (CAI) may be a leading airfield adviser, manager and capitalist within the international aviation market.

CAI sees airports as a significant a part of a country’s infrastructure, in an elaborate way coupled to economic process and development. As a strategic partner, CAI styles integrated solutions that change its purchasers and partners to fulfil their potential of being best airports.

As one of the leading airfield investors and airfield consulting companies, CAI has in depth international expertise that spans over twenty countries and quite fifty airports round the world, together with Singapore Changi airfield. a number of the comes embrace Brazil’s Tom Jobim International airfield, India’s terribly initial aerotropolis, 5 airports in Russia’s Krasnodar and therefore the jap regions, and King Abdulaziz International airfield in Asian country.

CAI is committed to being a valued partner within the international aviation market, making airports of the longer term and delivering property growth to our partners and investee airports. CAI may be a wholly-owned subsidiary of Changi airfield cluster.

The airport consulting firm should be specifically focussed to enhance the overall value of your assets. CAI has been of the opinion that airport is an important aspect of nation’s infrastructure. Therefore, the country looks forward to make the most of their knowledge to enhance the value of your assets.