Business Document Storage Off-Site

The management of business documents is a crucial aspect of the running of any business. As your company grows there will be a number of reasons why you might want to investigate the benefits of storing your physical business documents and paper files away from your office and to a secure location nearby.

You might decide that the storing of your physical documents off site will free up some space within your current working space, giving you the chance to utilise the area for something that is profitable for your company, rather than laying dormant as an on-site storage space. It might be that you require a much faster and more simplistic process for finding physical documents than what you have currently have set up in your office, or it could be that you need to store certain authentic original documents to comply with data privacy laws in the UK, keeping information for a set period of time in a secure location prior to its destruction.

Research your local area to discover which physical storage facilities can offer you the services that you require, providing you with a document management system and processes that suit your company down to the ground. What do these companies offer you?

Trustworthy Long-Term Physical Storage Solutions

One way to improve the processes of your business practice is to digitise your existing paper documents. You might want to archive some important pieces of information and digitise anything new that is created as a document, or you might just be looking to store everything you have in a secure location off-site to create some new space in your premises. Document management storage facilities offer you a reliable long-term resolution to a storage problem. Whether you are digitising copies of documents or not, having a secure location close by for your original physical documentation offers peace of mind to all concerned.

Track and Trace Your Documents

The best document storage services will offer a scanning and tracking system. Even if it is just physical documents that you are interesting in tracking, you will have the ability to request a piece of information or a document, and it will be found within a fast and reliable timeframe. For those with a hybrid document management system, this can include a fast-scanned document of the original, which is provided to the client whilst the original copy is sent securely to the off-site storage facility.

Destruction of Data in Compliance with Data Privacy Laws

It is vital that all business owners understand the importance of data protection. If your business is storing files of employee and client data that might include sensitive personal information you are legally only allowed to retain that information for as long as it is pertinent to your business. Document storage services can add time stamps to all documentation that you require to be archived securely on site. When it comes time for a certain document to be destroyed you can be warned about it, and also ensure it is securely destroyed at the facility, with a certificate of destruction provided for your peace of mind.

Authentic Originals Kept Secure

There are times when only the original, authentic copy of documentation will suffice for your needs. For business and property ownership this is certainly the case, and a copy of your birth certificate might be required in some instances. Having the ability to hold authentic documents in a safe location can put your mind at ease.