Building a Culture of Compliance for Your Brand

Compliance has always been a central tenet of a strong business plan. The integrity of your brand stands up to the reputation of your company, your brand image and overall identity. Without compliance these can quickly unravel. Brand compliance has become a culture that runs through entire organisations, as it should be, ensuring that there are no faults at play that could affect the reputation of any given firm.

In the past many companies have just paid lip service to compliance, ticking boxes rather than thinking about ways the whole process can become more natural and something that every individual component of a business can get behind, understand and work towards. By looking at how your brand is perceived you can start to work out how important compliance is.

Your Company Reputation – It can take a long time to build a strong reputation. Being a company that is known to be trustworthy is a vital component of not only growing a customer base, but also keeping a strong core of loyal customers. Now think about compliance, it covers how a company markets itself, how finances are internally governed, customer service practices and how to treat all customers fairly, and product/service development procedures. A reputation might take years to build, but if compliance isn’t strict enough a problem could arise that destroys, or significantly damages, that reputation within a few short hours or days.

Your Brand Image – The image of a certain product, service, or your brand perception has often been looked at as a more short-term impact than the wider reputation of a brand over time. However, there are always things to be looked at in terms of compliance. The way your promotions work have to be in line with certain legal standards and ensuring there is a close relationship with your marketing team and those in the know in terms of compliance will cover you in this regard.

Your Brand Identity – Your identity must come from within and is vital to securing a foundation of success. How you see yourself as a company will transmit through your staff, the processes you have put in place, the products and services that you sell and be evident to your customers and suppliers. Compliance ensures that all aspects of your business is running towards these goals, with the central truth and belief in the core ideals of the company.  The leaders in your organisation have to believe in the vision and act accordingly, not just pay lip service to it. And all staff members must follow processes that allow for the vision to become a reality.

One way to ensure brand compliance is standing up to the processes you have in place is to hire the services of professional brand auditors. They can visit your place of work to investigate the branding, marketing and whether you are compliant across the board in the way you need to be. As you can see, compliance is vital in the modern age to keep the integrity of a brand intact and to allow customers, suppliers and potential future staff members to see a company that has the correct values and a reputation that means something real.