Basic Differences Between Cardboard and Corrugated

If an untrained person finds a brown box which is made out of wavy paper that is sandwiched between 2 flat pieces of paper, he will think that it is nothing but a cardboard box. Actually, that is wrong and that the box is in fact corrugated box. What is the difference between the two? Well, there are plenty of differences that we are going to talk about in this small article.

Corrugated actually refers to ridged grooved paper that you can find between 2 pieces of cards as we have mentioned above. Cardboard is on the other hand little thicker than what you must have used during your school days when you have used 3 ring binder paper, however it is thinner than the poster.

Both corrugated and cardboards are made out of paper however these two are different items. The differences between can be roughly explained as below.


Three different layers of papers exist in the corrugated material. The inside layer which is between the two layers are fluting and wavy. Due to this reason the box created out of corrugated material becomes much stronger and it can absorb the vibration and impact from outside. Most typical application of corrugated material is for making packing boxes that are generally meant for shipping to different places. Any delicate item can remain safe during the transportation as the wall of these corrugated box provides strong protection to inside.

This material is usually preferred for packaging purposes due to the following reasons:

  • Cost effective
  • Durable
  • Environment friendly material
  • Lightweight and having high ratio between strength to weight
  • Protects the product inside


Cardboard is on the other hand is heavy duty stock of paper which is also known as paperboard. Such kind of paperboards are very rarely used as a packing box particularly for any heavy-duty items. However, you can find their applications in smaller packages like packing several consumer goods like tea and other cereal products. They are also used for making greeting cards.

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