Boiler tubes are usually manufactured using alloy materials which can withstand both high temperature from the flue gases and high pressure steam generation within the tube. ASTM A213 grade T22 tubes are widely acceptable in industrial boilers. These A213 T22 tubes are seamless austenitic tubes which are made by the seamless process and shall be either hot finished or cold finished, as specified. The grade T22 is the high temperature heat resistant alloy which improves the supercritical steam quality for better efficiency and also allows reduction in volumes of material this leads to positive economy benefits. T22 alloy steel tube can withstand at a much higher stress level before the tube is in critical state prior to failure.

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Industrial boilers play an important role in industries like power generation and refineries. The performance of the boiler is depends on the material selection for super heaters and re heater. As the ASTM A213 T22 tubes exhibit the properties like good fatigue, corrosion fatigue and creep fatigue behavior – high fracture toughness these are widely acceptable in industrial boilers.

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