Affordable Communication Solutions for Today’s Businesses

Every business requires effective and affordable communication, and although the Internet has revolutionised the way we do business, the phone still rules. People prefer talking to a real person on the telephone, and this doesn’t look to be changing anytime soon, and with a virtual office company, you can set up a professional telephone answering service, and there are many other essential services on offer.

Professional Receptionists

The person who answers your business calls is at the forefront, and it is essential to have professional people to undertake this role. A virtual office provider would only use professional receptionists and they would also be fully briefed on your company and its activities. If your company is UK based, you should talk to Message Direct, who are a market leader in providing a range of essential business services across a range of industries. The virtual receptionist would be UK based, and all calls would instantly be forwarded to them, and the caller will naturally assume that the receptionist is based in your office.

Sales Campaigns

Most businesses develop a dynamic sale promotion, and it is vital to be prepared for a positive response. Some companies make the costly mistake of not preparing sufficiently and the impetus is lost when you cannot cope with a high volume of enquiries, but by using a professional call answering service, you can be sure that you will not miss a single call, and all the potential customers will receive a professional response.

Prestigious Business Address

This is one service that really impresses potential clients, and you can have a business address in the heart of the central business district, which really boosts your company image. People like to deal with successful companies and with virtual office services, you can easily create the right image, and with an impressive office address, your clients will be confident of the very best service.

Message Taking Services

This is an essential service for many busy companies, and the messages would be forwarded to the respective personnel via your preferred method, which might be phone, SMS or email, and with a rapid response, you can be sure your business will run efficiently. With the help of a professional company, all your messages will be delivered to the right people, whatever the time of day.

Out of Hours Call Answering

Many businesses offer their customers round the clock support, and this requires trained receptionists who can man the phones at all hours. If you have a crucial support line that must be open 24/7, using a virtual receptionist service will ensure that all calls are professionally dealt with, and any messages are instantly relayed to the right people. Business relies heavily on swift response to calls, and this is something you cannot afford to overlook.

Working to Client Instructions

An experienced call handling company would be well versed in working to the client’s specifications, and any amendments can quickly be implemented by making a call to your call handling manager, who will instantly inform the relevant personnel of the changes. Flexibility is important in any business environment, and changes can occur at any time, and with a reliable and experienced call handling business, any alterations can immediately be implemented.

Temporary Cover

You may already have a receptionist that is directly employed, and should that person be absent for any reason, a call handling company can provide temporary cover. We all need our annual holidays, and a key member of staff, such as a receptionist, would be sorely missed, but a professional virtual receptionist can easily cover for that period, which allows your business to carry on unaffected by the absence.

Sales Campaigns

All businesses demand sales campaigns, and very often, the response is far better than we might have hoped, and if you cannot handle the unusually high volume of enquiries, that could be very costly. Once the promotion is underway, the telephones need to be manned by professionals who can give the required information to the potential customers. If you cannot cope with the influx of enquiries, you could lose a lot of business, and unanswered calls do little to boost your reputation. Messages can be instantly passed on to the sales team, who hopefully, can convert the enquiry into a sale.

Outbound Marketing

A call handling provider can also help with outbound marketing, and if you have a database of existing customers, this can be integrated into the service, allowing you to create new business opportunities. If, for example, you made many new contacts from a show or exhibition, these contact numbers can be prepared for the next stage of contact, and this will ensure that all leads are professionally followed up.

Essential Cover

Things have a habit of changing without notice, and with the help of a call handling company, all of your phone communication can be dealt with by a professional receptionist. Key reception staff who are absent for any reason can quickly be covered, and many businesses start using the service as a temporary measure, but are so impressed with the service that they decide to use it permanently, as this frees up your valuable resources and allows you to focus on business development, which is the way to a prosperous future.

Protect your Business Image

Image has always been essential in any business environment, and with the right business address and professional receptionist services, your company will always handle calls in a professional manner. Typically, the call handling provider would have a range of packages, which ensures that you only pay for services you actually use, and in any business, spending money on unwanted services should be avoided.

If you would like to know more about this essential service, there are online providers who can ensure that your business calls are always professionally handled by experts. The modern business does not have to invest large amounts of money to have a competent call answering service, so consider your options and you might be surprised at how little the service costs.