A Quick Guide to Buying Custom Workwear

Buying workwear for your business is likely to be a complex task; you’re going to need something which well represents your business, but is still good for the comfort and productivity levels of your staff.

Custom workwear, when done well, will massively benefit your business and brand identity, so it’s definitely worth considering investing in if you haven’t already implemented any.

Your custom workwear will be at the forefront of your business and serve as advertising to whoever you or your employees speak to, so it’s essential that you get it right.

Consider the tasks which your employees will have to complete

Before you choose your custom workwear, it’s essential that you’re mindful of what your employees will be doing and that depends entirely on the industry in which you work.

On this, we spoke to Stitch Embroidery who said: “The workwear you choose will depend on the work that your employees carry out. If they work in a particularly dirty environment or an environment where their clothing can become easily damaged, then it’s probably not worth investing in expensive workwear.

“Similarly, if your employees work in a clean environment where their clothing is less likely to become damaged, you may wish to invest in higher-quality workwear which tends to come at a higher price.”

Whichever workwear you choose to buy, for the happiness and productivity levels of your staff, it absolutely has to be comfortable.

Consider the opinions of your employees

As your employees will be the ones wearing the custom clothing, you should consider their opinions on their new workwear.

Even though the final decision is down to you, your employees carry out their tasks day to day, so they will know which type of workwear will be best in order for them to complete their tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Not only will you likely gain insight into which branded clothing will work best for your business by asking your employees for their opinions, it will also make them feel valued.

Consider your branding

People will come to recognise your business through your custom workwear, so you should ensure that it falls in line with your business’ core values and intentions. You should also make sure that any colours, slogans, and potential logos are the same on your custom workwear as they are through the rest of your business’ branding.

A consistent brand appears to be a trustworthy brand so, if you don’t yet have any firm branding, you should consider any colours, logos, and slogans which you feel as though are consistent with your business’ goals and try to work with those.

On a similar note, once you have established and distributed your custom workwear, it’s important that you stick with it. A business is recognisable by its workwear and will appear untrustworthy if it regularly changes it.

Chopping and changing branding looks unstable, but consistent branding is approachable and more likely to entice interaction from potential customers. For more on how custom clothing can benefit your brand’s identity, check out this article.