A Non-Violent Defense of Your Personal Economy

America needs neither the terrifying tsunami of recent programs overwhelming it in the White-colored House nor the violent volcanic eruption of legislative magma and ash to which the Congress is burying us…are you able to say “DEBT?”

Some Americans voted for “change” during last year’s presidential sweepstakes – clearly a bet. However, a really small but consequential minority of far left politicians, union bosses in the helm of sinking ships packed with working American’s gold they’re saying his or her own, and cabinet people switched bureaucrats conspire to takeover the united states economy.

There are more contributors to and beneficiaries of those catastrophic changes:

o ACORN, a vile and secretive organization that manipulates good-hearted Americans for the advantage of its intentionally obscure ideology and also the financial advantage of its dishonest leaders

o TheAARP – Americas largest insurance seller masquerading because the voice of older citizens although it lobbies for programs that damage seniors however that will enhance its bottom-line while increasing the political power it wields within the White-colored House as well as on Capitol Hill

o Al Gore’s army of naive climatic change crusaders who’d voluntarily weaken the united states economy – and then the personal economy of each and every US citizen – while China, India, the Oil States along with other economic powerhouses buy America with money produced by ignoring exactly the same impractical and unnecessary protocols the Dolts in Electricity impose on Americans and companies

o Other vocal interests within the non-profit as well as for profit sectors that aspire to take advantage of the “re-interpretation” when the US Metabolic rate, the restructuring of america economy, and also the re-meaning of what it really way to be a united states.

The issue – or possibly answer – the title for this article addresses is…

“How will you safeguard your and yourself family in the almost certain economic crises financed through the unimaginable debt these ill-advised and programs incur?”

The solution: Convince you about money. Americans happen to be trained to compartmentalize money issues. We have been brought to think that people can deal with your own economic problems by concentrating on one issue at any given time: the mortgage, the 401(k), allowing the mythical six several weeks checking account, taxes. For example, a TV commercial running presently suggests that you could fix your monthly budget by altering out of your existing satellite television company to their own – a savings of the couple of dollars monthly.