5 Reasons You Should Be Looking for a Career Mentor

Where is your career path taking you? If you’re like millions of other people, you probably only have a vague idea. The key to finding a career that is not only lucrative but makes you happy is to learn as much as possible before deciding on and following a path. A career mentor can help you do that.

  1. A Mentor Helps You Feel More Motivated

A career mentor’s goal is to motivate you, which means he or she will take an active role in helping you to come up with new ideas and insights beyond your current path and challenge you to see where you can advance or even completely change directions. Perhaps you already have your own ideas. A mentor can discuss these ideas with you to find holes in them, improve upon them, and ultimately, turn them into measurable goals.

  1. A Mentor Knows How To Set Measurable Goals

Speaking of measurable goals, a mentor can help you define them. People who are new to their career paths often have one big goal but fail to turn it into a solid plan with smaller, measurable steps. Sometimes, that big goal begins to look too large to achieve, which may make you “run in place” or even take a few steps back. By working with a mentor who can help you break down one big plan into smaller tasks, you are more likely to notice yourself making progress and continue along your positive path.

  1. A Mentor Has “War Stories”

What better way to learn what it’s really like “in the trenches” than to regularly speak to someone who is already where you want to be? A mentor can share personal failures and successes to inspire you and warn you against missteps. He or she can tell you what to expect during certain stops along your career path. Moreover, your mentor is ready and willing to answer your questions. Do you want to know if a certain type of ongoing education would truly help your chances of success? Ask your mentor. Are you interested in a specialization in your chosen field? Ask your mentor to tell you more about the specialization or to put you into contact with someone else who can answer your specific questions.

  1. A Mentor Challenges You

The truth is that many people simply don’t challenge themselves enough. Maybe you start to feel overwhelmed and decide not to further your goals. Perhaps you become comfortable in your current position and decide to push your other goals by the wayside. Maybe you just need a break but end up taking one for far too long. Your mentor will certainly celebrate your successes with you, but he or she will also push you to keep going, especially when you begin to get too comfortable. Holding yourself accountable is important, of course, but when someone else holds you accountable, you are less likely to settle.

  1. A Mentor Helps You Think Outside the Box

No matter how innovative your ideas are, there are always new ones to consider. Technology changes, the digital world advances, and you need to be along for the ride. Just ask transformational leader Keith Krach about innovation. His impressive record includes being one of the founders of GMF Robotics, part of the founding team that created Rasna Corporation, and the chairman and CEO of DocuSign. Whether helping to create an industrial robot company or assisting people with filling out online documents, he sees opportunity everywhere. An innovative career mentor can help you decide not only how your idea can be relevant now but how it can remain so in an ever-changing digital world.

Whether you’re about to graduate college or have been in your field for decades, it’s never too late to learn more about your industry and yourself. Don’t be afraid to find a mentor to help you improve your success and happiness in your career.