5 Email Marketing Template Types You Need for Your Future Campaigns

Email marketing is one of the greatest marketing tactics of this era.

It is used extensively by almost all brands, and it has proven to be able to help brands generate incredible results at an ROI that much other marketing tactic scan only dreams of.

But while email marketing has proven to be effective, you can’t expect to generate impressive results as other brands are generating that you’re seeing in the statistics after your first campaign. Especially not if you don’t have an email strategy for how you’re going to do it.

To achieve the same results as you’re seeing, you can’t just write a quick email, send it to your audience, kick your feet up and wait for the results to roll in.

There are many factors that go into crafting powerful marketing emails and running successful email marketing campaigns, and one of the most central parts is the body of the emails themselves, how they are structured, and most importantly, the content you have in them.

But how should you structure your emails?

What formats have proven to be the most effective for which purpose?

Creating an appealing email from start to finish is a tricky task. Especially if you’re starting from scratch with no previous knowledge or without any tools to help you.

The good news, however, is that there is help out there, and it’s called email software. Furthermore, there are email templates available that you can use to structure your next email in order to run a kick-ass email marketing campaign.

In this post, we’re sharing 5 email marketing templates you need for your future email marketing campaigns.

Using email templates

First thing first, the visual appearance is crucial to your email’s success. The format and structure are also vital parts of a successful email. Today, more emails than ever are sent, and for a marketer, this means that people are more selective with the emails they are going to consume. They might see an email with a subject line that grabs attention, and then, within seconds,  if the content in that email doesn’t speak to them, chances are they’ll click

back, or delete the email for good.

This is why, apart from just the content of your email, the structure of your email is incredibly important. But the problem is that knowing how to structure your email to make it attention-grabbing and engaging is a tricky challenge in itself.

Fortunately, Sendpulse got you covered, with an endless amount of email templates for you to choose from, for all different kinds of occasions and purposes. What’s so amazing about using Sendpulse templates is that they give you complete power over how they look. You can, if you want, therefore just use pre-made templates, and then change them according to the feeling you want to mediate with your email, and so that it aligns with your brand.

It can also be good to know that different email marketing campaigns demand different types of templates. This is not any more strange than that you use winter tires for driving in snow and summer tires for driving on tarmac.

In other words, each template has its place and purpose, and they should be used accordingly based on the mission of your email marketing campaign.

Let’s look at 5 Sendpulse email templates that you need for your future email marketing campaigns.

1.Holiday templates

During the holidays, the same dramatically increase, people get into the festive spirits, and every brand sharpens their marketing swords in order to cut through the noise.

Since you want your marketing to be timely, leveraging various holidays in your marketing is always a good idea. Sendpulse has created a huge amount of free templates focused on the different holiday seasons, from Christmas to Easter, and no matter if you want to send an email to sell products or to wish people a Merry Christmas, there are holiday email templates for all purposes to choose from.

By using holiday email templates, you take advantage of the festive feeling that everyone is in and make your audience more likely to continue reading your email as it is more contemporary than probably many others they are receiving at that time.

2.Black Friday templates

Black Friday is a huge day for brick and mortar sales, but also for online shopping because this allows people to sit in comfort at home in their couch and take part of the amazing deals that are available, without having to fight with the crowds.

This is an amazing time to send out marketing emails to your subscribers to let them know about your incredible black Friday deals.

Sendpulse has a number of Black Friday templates, so you can be sure to find one that suits your brand and purpose. And if you want to add your very own personal touch and flair to it, you can edit and tweak it just as much as you want.

The black Friday templates are focused on sales, as you can imagine, and this makes these templates great for sales and a high conversion rate since they draw the attention to where they need to be – your products.

3.Templates related to your industry

Obviously, you want to be using email templates that are related to your very own industry. After all, the people who are subscribed to your list are also people who enjoy your industry, and therefore, using these templates will make them resonate better with your emails.

Now, these templates related to specific industries are emails that are optimized and tried and true to these niches, which means they’ll help your audience better relate to emails that are sent using them.

However, what you also want to have in mind is that as a brand, you’ve probably developed a visual theme and defined things such as font and colors, and use them consistently across your different marketing efforts.

Therefore, when using these industry-related email templates, use their structure, but leverage your own brand colors, font, and so on.

4.Ecommerce templates

Most brands leverage email marketing for the purpose of driving sales. Some might use it for building customer relationships, and others might use it for completely different marketing purposes, but the vast majority of brands still have sales as their main objective of email marketing.

As such, you’ll be happy to hear that Sendpulse has several ecommerce email templates to choose from. These templates are optimized for sales, and will thereby help you get the highest conversion rate possible, to ultimately help you sell more products. They leverage attention-grabbing colors and large, eye-catching titles in order to help you get your message through and to create a sense of urgency to get people to buy.

5.New year’s

On New year’s, most brands send messages to their customers to wish them a happy new year and thank them for the year that has been and their support throughout it.

This is obviously something you want to do as well, and Sendpulse’s email templates help you do so in a  stylish and welcoming way by using email as your conversation channel.

Want to learn more about crafting the perfect email format that aligns with the purpose and mission of your email campaign?

Sendpulse has a whole world out there when it comes to email templates and crafting the perfect email, so explore it today, and start sending successful emails that drive results.