5 benefits of call monitoring for your employees

It may seem a little over-the-top to monitor the calls that your employees receive, but it could actually be quite beneficial to your company. By monitoring work calls in a call centre setting, you can ensure that your employees are being compliant, and that no further training is needed for them to perform better. In this article, we’ll share a list of reasons that call monitoring can be advantageous to your business.1. Boosting employee morale

Your call agents will always benefit from your input. They want to know what they’re doing wrong (if anything), as much as what they’re doing right. By monitoring their calls, you can give them full feedback on their performance, with suggestions to improve how they handle each customer. This is especially effective if your company is a sales call centre, as sales have very specific types of customers.

2. Improving performance

The feedback that you provide to your call agents will help them improve their performance and their customer service. You’ll be able to provide real examples of their calls to show them where they’re going wrong. Only offer feedback on what you hear, and don’t base your feedback on just one phone call. Some clients are more difficult than others, and calls that are handled well deserve praise.

3. Tackling harassment/abuse

It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s startling and most call agents won’t know how to handle it. Call centre employee abuse doesn’t often get reported because agents feel that there isn’t anything than can be done. By monitoring calls, you can soothe the worries of any of your agents who have been harassed by customers in the past, and train them how to best deal with the situation. It might also make them feel safer.4. Improving sales

Improving sales is a big part of the reason that call centre calls get monitored. After the initial set of training an employee is given, it’s rare that they’re given further training in a call centre. By monitoring calls, you’ll be able to pinpoint which employees need help and where they’re falling short in their sales procedures. This is especially useful in call centres that are sales-driven, or have targets that need to be met.

5. Staying involved

By choosing to monitor employee calls, you can become more involved in your business. The data that you gather from the calls will be able to tell you the kinds of things that your employees might need to work on, while also keeping you up-to-date with how each of your employees is doing with their workload. You might choose to take this information and transform it into extra training, or chat with any employees who seem to be struggling.As you can see, there are many ways that call centres or call-based positions can be improved with some quick call monitoring. Try setting up some call monitoring for a week or two and see the results of those calls first-hand.