4 Tips for Making a Huge Success of Your Deli


When you own your own deli, offering incredible food for sale isn’t enough to make you successful in and of itself. You need to give your customers a reason to choose you over your competition, as well as to keep coming back time and time again. Keep the following tips in mind as you move forward with your business, and you’ll be the talk of the neighborhood in no time.

1. Get Creative About Advertising

Everyone can appreciate the delicious appeal of a really good deli sandwich from time to time, but some people eat out a lot more often than others. Make sure your advertising efforts are designed to bring in additional business via those demographics. Run a buy-one/get-one deal designed to appeal to busy professionals on their lunch hours or tourists in town for the weekend. Approach a local high school or college newspaper about running an ad aimed at young people looking for amazing study night eats as well.

2. Offer Additional Options

Don’t stop at offering lunchtime fare like cold sandwiches, wraps, or salads when it comes to your menu. If you don’t already have one, consider installing a hot food merchandiser like a rotisserie or a hot case to give people more choices as to what they can choose from. Not only will you attract new customers who prefer warm, affordable food during the day, but you’ll inspire busy people to come back on their way home to grab dinner as well.

3. Add Free Wi-Fi for Eat-In Customers

Not everyone prefers to grab their lunches and go when they’re in the mood to hit the deli. Offer your busier customers a place to hang out and get something done while they enjoy your delicious food by offering Wi-Fi as an option. Those that like to multi-task and continue working while they’re at lunch or otherwise out eating are many times more likely to pick a destination with internet access than one without. The same goes for heavy cell phone users, writers, and lots of other potential customers as well.

4. Host Low-Key Events

Venues like coffee shops and delis make great settings for fun, laid-back events like open mic nights, poetry slams, concerts from local acoustic musicians, and more. Pick an option that fits the vibe of your shop, as well as the tastes of your neighborhood, and watch the customers come pouring in! The more reasons you give people to visit your deli and spend time there, the more successful you’ll ultimately become. How will you set your shop apart?