4 Sure-Fire Ways to Boost Your Brand Awareness

The success of online businesses narrows down to a few strategies – one, you need to have a great product or service; two, you need to focus on SEO to have your site rank better on search engines; and three (perhaps one of the most important long-term tactics), you need to increase your brand awareness.

You see, most people focus too much on the first two strategies, but forget to get their brands better known out there to ensure they reach the right people. If you want to maintain a good position in the market, you can’t overlook your brand’s visibility. You will need to utilize online platforms built to help businesses establish a powerful online visibility.

Wondering where to start? Well, let’s break it down for you:

Start With Social Media Platforms

The likes of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn have immense potential to boost your brand, exposing it to a huge audience out there. The best thing is that you don’t have to spend a dime to open any of them. But considering that most companies are turning to social media for brand awareness, it is best that you come up with unique strategies to stand out from your competitors. Start by analyzing your target audience and sharing useful and interesting content with the potential to go viral. Make several posts daily to engage your audience even more and respond to their queries quickly.

Showcase Your Brand Through Corporate Directories

Yes, you have a great website with a detailed “About Us’” page, which talks about your brand, founders, history, vision and all that, right? Well, that may not be enough to showcase your brand out there. You should also take advantage of online business directories, where your brand will be featured, including any relevant information about your products or services. Some of these platforms will allow users to rate you, whereas others will just showcase your brand and any news you release. You can see an example of such efforts in this Crunchbase profile for Asiaciti Trust.

Be Active on Community-Focused Sites

As a business, it’s important that you learn what people say about you. Sign up on community-focused forums such as Reddit and Quora, and allow people to rate your services/products, even if the feedback isn’t always 100% positive. Believe it or not, getting an occasional critical review or comment can help your business by giving you insight into improving your products or services. And it also gives you an opportunity to respond to and connect with current and potential customers.

Take Advantage of Video Marketing

You know by now that web surfers enjoy viewing videos. In fact, studies show that a whopping 65% of online audience is actually composed visual learners. This means that utilizing some of the most popular video platforms such as YouTube could prove to be great promotional tools for your brand. Start by creating an account on your preferred platform and share engaging videos. The more you connect with your visitors through useful visual content, the more your brand will grow.

Bottom line: As you invest in your products or services, don’t forget about your brand awareness. Using these four hacks can go a long way toward helping you boosting your and build your corporate brand.