4 Reasons Why Open Plan Offices Are More Productive

For centuries, the traditional office reigned supreme, with every employee having their own space and different departments separated by a maze of corridors and rooms. This would be a perfect environment for creating lots of red tape, with a single document or folder being passed from department to department, each having its own specific task to perform, and with the antiquated system, the right hand has little idea what the left hand is doing and this tends to breed confusion. Around the turn of the century, a new and exciting business model was born, with corporate giants like Microsoft and Google throwing out the traditional compartmented office design, and replacing it with an open plan layout. If you are about to revamp your office space, here are a few excellent reasons why open plan is the way to go.

  • Encourage Communication – Many different case studies have shown us that an open plan office environment promotes free communication, and the more your employees actively engage in dialogue, the more of a team they will become. An office fitout in Melbourne would likely follow the open plan approach, and by using an established contractor, their in-house design team would take a long hard look at the client’s business activities and base their design around that.
  • Boost Productivity – If you worked out exactly how much time your employees spend walking around looking for a specific document, you would be in for a shock. No matter where you store filing cabinets, there will be people who have to walk a fair distance to retrieve a file or folder, and with everything open plan, it is much easier for people to locate specific items. Rather than walking from room to room to find a colleague, open plan allows for open and unrestricted communication across the short partitioning panels, and when you add all this up, it makes for a much more productive working environment.
  • Cost Effective Decoration – Separate rooms have to be decorated, and although an open plan office also requires decorating, there are not so many walls to paint, and with portable screening that interconnects, you can create any number of designs that might be suitable for your staff. Open plan offices contain a lot less wall surface area, and when you factor in the office décor, open plan environments cost much less to renovate than regular compartmented offices.
  • Strong Team Spirit – if your employees rarely speak to each other, it will be much harder to create a healthy team spirit, and teamwork is a key factor for any successful organisation. The perfect working environment promotes dialogue and with the right leader to motivate the staff, the daily activities will bring everyone that little bit closer. It is a positive thing for your employees to get to know each other better and there’s no better way to foster this, than an open plan office layout.

If you feel that your office space could do with a revamp, talk to an office fitout company who are able to design the perfect working environment for your staff, and they would have the necessary resources to complete the project with minimum impact on the business.