3 Unique Methods to Improve Your Backlink Profile

Ask any SEO specialist and they will tell you that broken backlinks are going to hurt your website’s SEO performance. The truth is that Google analyses your website’s backlink profile to estimate the rank of your website. When it sees that your website has more number of backlinks compared to your competitor’s, it considers that your website has better standing in the market or has higher authority. This leads to earning a higher page rank.

If we go by this logic then it is absolutely clear that your website has to get as many backlinks as possible to be recognized for your authority. So how do you do that? Here are 3 unique methods that you can employ for backlink profile improvement.

  1. Use Testimonials

When we talk about testimonials, the first thing that comes to people’s mind is to collect customer testimonials and put them up on their website. That’s quite common. But what we are talking about here is giving out testimonials as customers. If you are using products or services of a company and are happy with it, just send them your testimonial to publish on their website. They will be happy to receive good feedback and publish it online. But what they will also do is link it back to your website to prove that you are a real person. This is one good backlink earned by you!

  1. Use Blogger Reviews

Whether you are offering a product or a service, there will always be someone out there who needs more informational kind of content. And there will be bloggers who are providing that kind of information or education to these people through blogs. What you can do is reach out to these bloggers to try your product or service for free. You can ask them to mention your product or service on their blog and link that information back to your website. This way you can get a few more genuine backlinks recognized by Google.

  1. Reclaim Links

This is another way of getting some backlinks pointing back to your website without violating Google’s guidelines. What you can do here is find mentions of your product or service and reach out to the authors. Ask them to provide a link back to your website. This link can be added right where your product or service is mentioned or can be made available in the comment.