3 reasons why you need to invest in “SEO” today

Most of the people already considered the term “SEO” in their mind as dead! But, is the term “SEO” of no use at present? Is it really dead? There is a continuous debate going on amongst people in the recent times to assess whether SEO has become useless for the business or its utility is worth a consideration.

When the term “SEO” was introduced for the first time, it brought boom in the market. Many businesses have taken their first flight off to attain their goal with the help of SEO. This process has become prominent from the past few years and served the purpose of the professionals in a significant manner.

Let’s jump directly to the point, is SEO still effective and beneficial? Why it is essential to invest in SEO for our business? Let’s address these issues while taking a look at the facts and statistics related to SEO in this article.

Let’s face the reality together, according to the experts, SEO is very far away from so called term “dead”. Almost 75% percent of the companies are availing profits and benefits from it till date. Moreover, it has even become capable to attract big companies in the recent times.

Almost 70 percent of the businesses agreed with the fact that SEO offers the best platform to make the Return On Investment or ROI consistent further generating higher amount of traffic for the company in the modern times.

You should go through these 5 strong reasons why SEO is still worth to your time and money on it, to clear your qualms like: why should I invest on it if the other companies are doing so? Will it be best for me or not?

  1. Businesses went online

Over 80 percent of the businesses are online, at present. Almost 3 billion people daily surf the internet and search for products and services on Google which they require. If you are not well-acquainted with SEO, then, you are missing a chance to present yourself to this vast audience on web. Now the problem does not end here, if you are still thinking to step in SEO marketing, then, trust me you are already a bit late. 70 percent of the people do not pass the 1st page of Google searches, so, if you want to increase your ranking in Google search, then, start working on the same by drafting some quality content.

  1. A cost- effective solution

75% of companies which are using SEO in their online marketing strategies have rated it as a best source of ROI. It is much cheaper than all the traditional platforms which serve the same purpose. It is a cost-effective solution due to its customizable nature of adjusting according to your business needs and budget.

Keyword analysis, link building and all the other SEO techniques require planning, strategy, quality content more than huge investment of money for promotions.

  1. Generates traffic faster

I have already mentioned above that more than 3 billion people search queries online on a daily basis to find out something related to their needs and interests. Social Media has proved to be an effective medium for promoting business among the target audience. It generates traffic rapidly, if you are able to make your content engaging to the audience. It depends on how you portray your company to the audience in order to grab the attention of people towards your product or services.


I believe, most of you are already making a good use of SEO, but, those who are new to this and not able to make utilize it appropriately, have an option to hire Social Media management companies. These organizations will help your business in managing and implementing SEO, inbound marketing, social media promotions etc. in your marketing strategies. All you need to do is find the best company online according to your business needs and requirements.