Welcome to the new wave of social blogging. Publish your thoughts, ideas, stories, and passions with your friends and colleagues on your very own blog from MyBizziBlog.

  • Publish Your Thoughts

    Share your thoughts, stories, passions and ideas with the world through text, audio, video, and photo.

  • Create Multi-Author Blogs

    Engage in a rich social blogging experience by blogging with others. Create multi-author blogs and invite your friends,family,and colleagues to contribute and collaborate.

  • Powerful Blog Customization

    Manage every aspect of your blog: from the contributors to the funding.

  • Post From Any Device

    MyBizziBlog is mobile-friendly and is accessible on any device. All you need is a web browser and you can publish content to your blog.

  • Generate More Readership

    Generate more readership with our built in SEO features. We also make it easy to get more subscribers to your blogs with our social and niche blog discovery feature that allows your blogs to be found based on its category and keywords.

  • Storage

    Receive 600 MB of free storage to store your media. If more space is required, you can always upgrade to Premium to receive unlimited storage.

  • Choose From A Plethora Of Blog Themes

    Choose from a wide variety of different Blog Themes to match the look and feel of your blog.

  • Monetize Your Blogs

    We have built-in monetization tools,such as Adsense and Chitika, that allows you to make money from your blogs and even set up revenue-sharing capabilities for your contributors.

  • Receive Funding For Your Blogs

    MyBizziBlog is the only blogging platform that allows you to receive real funding for your blogs with our Virtual Stock Market that allows investors to buy Virtual Shares(called Studio Shares) in your blogs.

  • One Platform For Everyone.

    Whether you're a student who wants to share their notes, a photographer who wants to showcase their photos, a blogger who wants to start making money online, an author who wants to share their writing, or a musician who wants to upload their music, MyBizziBlog is for you. MyBizziBlog's flexible blogging platform was built for everyone who wants to create and share their content.

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